Windows 7 Song shortcuts with Media Player


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Media Player will play a song if I double-click a shortcut to the song (.mp3).

However, if I create a number of shortcuts in a directory and highlight them all, right-click and choose 'Add to Windows Media Player list' only one of the songs on the list plays.

I want them all to play!

Of course I could achieve this in various 'long' ways but I would like to be able to create lots of directories of shortcuts for various occasions. This would be the most convenient way of doing things for me. Can I achieve this somehow?

I would prefer not to have to create anything specific to Media Player. A directory is 'neutral' in the sense that it is 'external' to any particular piece of software.
You could add the specific folders containing the media to the library and the media player can play from a library. You don't need to copy the media files into Music library but 'add' the folder to library.