Specialist NASA has calculated that the earthquake in Japan reduced the terrestrial day to 1.6 micro


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Earthquake in Japan, which became one of the most powerful in the history of the country, according to preliminary calculations, the reduced terrestrial days 1,6 microseconds.

On it informs RIA Novosti news agency referring to the specialist's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), Richard Gross of NASA. According to his calculations, because of today's magnitude 8.9 earthquake has shifted the axis of the planet by about 15 centimeters.

"According to my calculations, the length of the day should be reduced to 1.6 microseconds (millionths of a second - ed.). Earthquake in Chile gave, in my opinion, a reduction of approximately 1.2 microseconds," - said the scientist, who in 2010 served similar estimates of the earthquake in Chile.

He reported that, according to his calculations, the so-called intrinsic axis of the Earth (figure axis - the axis around which the Earth is balanced by mass) was supposed to move about 15 centimeters in the direction of 139-degrees east longitude, which is two times higher than when Chilean cataclysm in 2010 - then the axis shifted to eight inches toward the 112-th degree east longitude.

"The Earth revolves not around the axis around which its weight is balanced. If the wheel of your car is not balanced, it will shake, vibrate, to avoid this, you spend it balanced with respect to the axis.'s And the Earth to vibrate in the same way," - said Gross .

Wave of the Japanese earthquake propagated at a speed of 500 kilometers per minute and was recorded by all seismic stations operating in Spain - Jose Juan Hiner

Thus, the Japanese earthquake stronger influence on the Earth's rotation than Chile, concluded the official. At the same influence as the magnitude and location of the hearth and its mechanism - how it is shifting layers of earth crust in the earthquake.

Gross noted that the estimated reduction in days to verify the observations do not succeed, because it is too small. "But it is likely that the shift of its axis by 15 inches, if my calculations are correct, we will be able to detect in these GPS. That's what we are doing now," - said the scientist.

Island of destruction. The earthquake and tsunami crippled lives of millions of people in Japan

Previously, specialists from the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology in Italy reported that, according to their calculations, as a result of the earthquake on Friday, the axis has shifted almost 10 centimeter. Gross said that he was not yet aware of such data, but one of his French colleagues, conducted the independent calculations, a comparable estimate of 14 centimeters in the direction of 135-degrees east longitude.

Note that the echoes of what happened in Japan earthquake 16 minutes after the first tremor recorded instruments seismic station at the University of Alicante in southeast Spain. That's how much time it took seismic "wave" to pass more than eight thousand miles that separate Japan from Spain.

According to the director Juan Jose station Hiner, depositions, recorded instruments, suggest that the earthquake in Japan in varying degrees was felt throughout the world.

"The Wave of the Japanese earthquake travels at the speed of 500 kilometers per minute and was recorded by all seismic stations operating in the territory of Spain" - he said.

On the coast of Japan have fallen ten-wave

Recall earthquake of magnitude 8.9happenedFriday, March 11, in northeastern Japan. Its epicenter was 373 kilometers northeast of Tokyo, the focus at the depth of 24 kilometers. Soon, in the same area several more powerful aftershocks with magnitude above 6.0, the epicenter of one of them was only 67 kilometers from Tokyo. The magnitude of the strongest aftershockwas7.1.

Earthquakecaused a strong tsunamiIn some areas of Japan tidal wave height exceeds 10 feet. In several prefectures in the tsunami swept away houses and cars are on the road. The giant wave has covered fields and roads, destroying buildings and structures. The Government of Japancreatednational headquarters for disaster relief.

Japanese authorities have called the incident the most devastating natural disasters in history. They decided to extend the relief work eight thousand employees of the SDF.

Earlier it was reported that on the east coast of Japanfoundfrom 200 to 300 dead.

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