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Hi everyone!

I have a problem that’s making me want to pull my hair out, sorry if there is already a topic on this as the search function on this site would not work (database error) and Google returned nothing specific.

I recently got a new PC with Windows 7, which is turning out to be a bit of a nightmare coming from Win XP.

I want to put 3 users onto this system and have all their user folders private from each other, BUT I have moved the "My Documents", "My videos", "My Picture" est. from there original location to the second partition.
So instead of

C:\Users\User Name\Documents
It’s now
D:\Users\User Name\Documents

I did this by right clicking on the folders and choosing the Location Tab under Preferences.

So now, when I set up the three users as standard they cannot access each others User document on the C:\ drive but can access there folders on the D:\ drive. How do I also make these folders private?

Another issue I have is that under a "standard" account you seem extremely limited to what you can do. I couldn’t even delete any desktop shortcuts, and it didn’t even ask for an administrator password it just said "you need promisions from SYSTEM" or "you need promisions from ADMINSTRATOR?"

I've read allot of people suggest that everyone who uses the computer should use a "standard" account and the admin account should not be used regularly, but if I can't even delete the desktop shortcuts as a "standard" user how is this supposed to work?
Any help would be greatly, greatly appreciated!

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Hi Simon,
if you set up the standard accounts with passwords they shouldn't by rights be able to access each others documents anyway..

Try this link as it should help: How-To Create A New User Account In Windows 7

Thanks kemical, but this just discribes how I've already created the 3 user accounts, and they cannot access the users folders still on the C:\ partition, but they can access the users folders after they have been moved to the D:\ partition, even though Windows acknoleges and gives the ability to move them there.

Also as I said in my first post, at the moment the 'standard' accounts I've created cannot delete the shortcuts on their desktop. The error "you need promisions from SYSTEM to make changes to this file" comes up, or it says ADMINISTATOR instead of SYSTEM on some Icons, but does not ask for an administrator password.

Is this normal?


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Probably,.... you can lower the settings on the UAC to cut out the prompts but you'd probably better off having one admin account and use that to do the stuff the normal accounts cannot.
I'm the only user on my pc plus I'm forever tweaking this and that so I turn the UAC off completely..

I have had a look at the User Account Control settings but it is already set to "never notify".

I really hope somone can help me with these problems, surely there must be a solution?

  • Making the User Documents private to each user after moving them to a new location
  • Deleting desktop items and shortcuts on a standard user account
I have a small partition for the windows 7 os, this is why I want to have all our documents and files on another partition, but would really like some privacy.

Thanks for any input and advice anyone can spare!

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