NEWS Stars urge more action over Ebola


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Matt Damon, Ben Affleck and Ellie Goulding are among stars aiming to mobilise world leaders into doing more about the Ebola crisis in West Africa.
They have teamed up with figures such as Morgan Freeman, Thandie Newton and Will Ferrell to encourage further action to contain the outbreak in a drive launched by the One Campaign, founded by U2's Bono.
The stars have filmed appearances in a new video focusing attention on the need to take action immediately, with each of them seen silently looking into the camera.
A caption on the screen says: "This is what waiting looks like ... We waited too long to react. We can't wait to stop crises like Ebola once and for all."
After a rare shot of Bono without dark glasses, it concludes: "Talk is cheap - it's time for action."
The film aims to encourage people around the world to sign One's petition at, demanding global leaders do more to end the outbreak and strengthen basic healthcare systems in developing countries. :up:

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