Windows 7 Steampunk Widgets

Discussion in 'Desktop Customization' started by Elmer, Jun 27, 2011.

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    Came across some nicely crafted Steampunk inspired yahoo! widgets on another site I'm a member of. Link to view of Desktop. Well worth a look if you're into steampunk, or even just like nice looking eye candy to add to your desktop. My current favourites are the Nixie tube clock, British penny red stamp, which does nothing, just looks nice! And yereverluvin's latest offering, the weather widget.

    You'll need the Yahoo Widget engine to run them if you want to give them a try, BUT, don't download the "regular" Widget engine unless you want a collection of widgets picked by Yahoo!

    Instead download the Konfabulatorâ„¢ SDK Set up. It gives you the basic Widget engine without all the gumf thrown in and some handy builders tools so you can play about with the widgets. It's how I made a penny red widget into my horseplay widget.

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