Windows 7 Stephen Toub: Inside TPL Dataflow

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    TPL Dataflow (TDF), System.Threading.Tasks.Dataflow, builds upon the foundational layer for asynchronous and concurrent programming using Tasks provided in TPL in .NET 4. TDF is a complementary set of primitives to those delivered in TPL in .NET 4, addressing additional scenarios beyond those directly and easily supported by the original APIs. TPL Dataflow utilizes tasks, concurrent collections, tuples, and other features introduced in .NET 4 to bring support for parallel dataflow-based programming into the .NET Framework. It also directly integrates with new language support for tasks and asynchrony provided by both C# and Visual Basic, and with existing language support in .NET 4 for tasks provided by F#.

    Several of you probably wonder how TDF differs from Rx in terms of core capabilities and specific usage scenarios. Well, Stephen talks about this right here.

    As usual, Stephen goes deep and clearly articulates many technical details of TDF. Another great Toub session!

    Please watch the great screencast Stephen posted to C9 a while back covering some simple examples of programming with TDF.

    Tune in. Enjoy. Learn.



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