Windows 10 Suggest do not upgrade


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Today 12/27 2018 window auto upgrade , when it start again and I login on, my origin account config changed , and I can't find many files. My user directory change to TEMP , and all link files on task bar are removed , it's so bad, dont upgrade my computer if you can't guarantee that it is available
I am sorry to say that if you are talking about Windows Version 1809 than yes.. this (the latest build) still has some major issue that I, and several others, have been looking at. We don't see stuff like missing files, but strange power management issues and occasional system-crashing errors. It looks like Windows 10 Version 1803 may be more stable, but it is difficult to find from Microsoft.

To remedy this, you can get the 1803 ISO at:

This requires additional knowledge of how to use a utility like Rufus and a USB thumb drive to copy the image to removable/bootable storage and install.

This, of course, is if this problem is truly related to build 1809. I have had major problems with this build, and am steering clear of it.
The temp profile is an issue that's existed since pre Windows XP. The most common issue is your security software has prevented the user registry hive from loading. Your profile should still exist in C:\Users\<username>