Windows 10 Support science and help your favorite charity by participating in a short online experiment.


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Oct 12, 2022

We are researchers from the University of Zurich, Switzerland, and developed a web application experiment for investigating ways to improve code review. If you have javascript knowledge, please help us in this 20 – 30 minutes experiment by using the desktop version of a browser: Intro

To thank you, we will donate 5 USD to the charity of your choice.

We are very grateful if you share the link with colleagues and make them aware of this study.

Thank you very much,

Lukas and researcher team
In case people are interested, but unsure about the link.



1. What is the goal of this study?
The goal of this study is to determine if people who participate in an online survey about their political views are more likely to donate money to a charity than those who do not take the survey.
2. How does this research benefit society?
This research helps us understand how people's political beliefs affect their willingness to donate to charities. We hope that our results will inspire others to consider donating to charities they may have previously overlooked.
3. Why should I participate in this study?
Participating in this study will allow us to learn more about how people's political opinions influence their charitable giving. Your participation will only take a few minutes of your time.
4. What happens after I complete the survey?
After completing the survey, we will send you a link to a secure website where you can enter your donation amount. You will then receive an email confirmation once your donation has been processed.
5. What is the minimum age requirement to participate?
You must be at least 18 years old to participate in this study.
6. Is my privacy protected?
Your information will remain confidential and anonymous. All data collected will be stored securely and accessed only by authorized personnel.
7. Do I need to provide any personal information?
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