SupremeFX II Audio Card drivers wont work

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    I have a Asus P5E motherboard that uses a SupremeFX II audio card that follows with it. I installed windows 7 a couple of days ago and it actually worked fine. Then stupid enough i started playing around with partition magic abit and it fucked up my hardrive, so i was forced to reinstall... (never mess with something thats working in the first place) hehe

    Anyways. After i reinstalled windows 7 again i couldnt get the microphone to work no matter what i did. I have tried every sound driver i can find. Included those on the asus webpage for both my motherboard and others that are similar to the P5E one but nothing works. I can listen to music and sound actually works but in the recorded tab there is only Line In and nothing else. (yes i have checked for offline and disconnected one s aswell.. there is nothing there)

    Everytime i tried to install the newest sound drivers from the asus page for my motherboard it installed correctly, i rebooted and once i got back into windows soundmax told me some configurations were changed and i have to reinstall again. I tried several times but nothing seemed to work.

    I am using Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit (6.1, build 7600) with all updates installed
    I'll attach my dxdiag for more information so maybe someone smarter then me can figure this out because ive tried everything i can think of and google just wont help me out with this one :p

    Thanks for any help possible :)
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