Windows 7 Switching back to Windows XP, but how?


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I would like to switch back to Windows XP from the Windows 7 I recently installed yesterday. I've had nothing but driver issues since it's installation. It doesn't recognize my monitor resolution, Aero doesn't work with my chipset, which basically makes Windows 7 look like an amateur Linux distro. So How can I switch back to Windows XP? I notice the windows.old file is there with all the settings and everything. Is there anyway to switch back to Windows XP easily? with all my files, and program files still in tact? I also backed up everything with Windows Easy File transfer. How would I switch back? I have no Windows XP disc, but I have a recovery partition/drive made by HP on another drive.
Well, I've tried to help you in your other postings, but I don't understand why you're giving up so quickly.

I suggest you look over this posting before you try to go back:
Driver Issues

You cannot boot from the Recovery partition, so that's out.

As for Windows Easy Transfer, I've never used it, so I can't advise on that.

Either way, you are going to loose all your 3rd [party applications and they'll need to be re-installed.

If you really feel the need to go back to XP, visit this site for detailed information.

How to: Remove or uninstall Windows 7 (or any other installed OS)
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