Sync OneNote 2010


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I have set up my laptop OneNote 2010 installation to sync to OneNote 2010 on my desktop PC. It's working great this way--I like way the laptop syncs automatically (or manually, if I so choose) to my desktop PC.

I will take the laptop when I travel, and I anticipate adding more notes and revising others. When I return home, what's the best way to sync the new laptop notes to the desktop PC? I can think of several ways to do this, but I'd like to know what the experts here think would be the easiest and most reliable way to add the new notes and changes to the older notes back to my desktop PC.


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How is is syncing now? What ever the process is now, it should be the same when you get back.....time has no bearing on sync, it's just an action.


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I should have done this initially, but I ran a test, and I see that OneNote syncs both ways. Problem solved. Thanks, bassfisher6522.

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