Windows 7 Syndicate Sequel in the works???

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    Christmas just came early for me... I was just only saying they should update this for the modern generation, last week.


    Evidence that Starbreeze and Electronic Arts are working together on a new Syndicate game has come to light.

    Electronic Arts has filed a number of trademarks based on the Syndicate name and a source close to has confirmed that a new game, labelled Project RedLime has been in development since 2007. An official announcement is expected shortly.

    The Syndicate series is a series of isometric science fiction computer games created by Bullfrog Productions. There are two main titles in the series: Syndicate (1993/1994) and Syndicate Wars (1996), with an expansion pack for the former, Syndicate: American Revolt.

    Gameplay involves ordering a team of four cyborg agents around gritty cyberpunk-themed cities, in pursuit of mission goals such as assassinating executives of a rival syndicate, rescuing captured allies, "persuading" civilians and scientists to join the Corporation/Church, demolishing buildings, or simply killing all enemy agents.

    More details as we get them.

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