Sys crashed, now only runs XP - Win 7 (any version) no longer works

Spent over an hour reading the stickys and similar threads - hope you guys can help me with this problem.

Short Story: Sys was running Win 7 Ultimate (x64) - BSOD like crazy after three months. Bad memory stick, HD, and MB replaced - no go. Installed Windows XP Pro (x86) works fine. Install Win 7 anything (x86) on top of XP Pro - works fine. Try Win 7 by itself, BSOD. Makes no sense...

Long Version: Custom built pc (by me - first time). Worked great for 3 months. Then one day it started random BSOD. After three days of that the system stopped booting. Pulled it apart, found a bad mem stick - one of the gold leads was burned (removed that stick and matching one - sys was 8gb, now 4gb). System boots, but BSOD every 15 to 45 seconds.

Downloaded Ultimate Boot Disk and ran every test possible - all passed. Checked HD for errors on my old Dell system - nothing. Debug/Wiped the HD and tried recovering from back-up image on external HD - loaded fine, but then BSOD returned after 5 minutes. Wiped HD again, reloaded Win 7 Ultimate x64. BSOD during install. Swapped HD, same problem. Swapped MB and memory - went from Asus to Gigabyte, same problem.

Tried loading Win 7 Home Premium N (x64) - same problem. Tried loading Win 7 Pro VL build (x64) same problem. OS crashes on install - gotta be hardware.. BUT....

I have an MSDN License so figured, what if I load Win XP Pro. It works - runs great. Then I decided to upgrade to Win 7 Ultimate (x64) - BSOD returns. Start over again, Win XP Pro runs great - upgrade to Win 7 Home Premium (x86) still runs great. BUT, i want a 64bit OS... Try clean installs of 64bit Win 7 Home Premium, Ultimate, and Pro VL build - all do the same thing - BSOD during or right after first run from install.

Any clues? I would think hardware, but the system is passing tests and running Win XP and Win7 if installed a certain way. Damaged processor, maybe? 32bit OS not taxing enough to make the processor problem show up?

Stuck on this one - any ideas are highly welcomed at this point.

Side note - the BSOD errors are random, but the most common one is Cache. Get it about every 4th BSOD. Could not find disk caching options in Bios for either MB.

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sorry - i put my config in my profile, but didn't put in the post...

i5 750
8gb (now 4gb) DDR3 1600MHz
1TB HD Seagate and WD 500
Asus P7H55M Pro or Gigabyte H55MUD2H
1gb vid card - PNY Verto GeForce
380w PS
Samsung DVDRW

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Hi Gandavar,
The first thing that I would question is why did the memory burn, suspect might be a faulty stick or faulty motherboard?
Windows XP doesn’t access the memory that 7 and vista do which is probably why you get the BSOD.
Have you tried XP 64bit? I myself would suspect the motherboard.
Sorry I can’t be much help here.

In the bios, if there is a setting for Plug and Play OS, set it to yes.

If you get Win7 installed and have crashes, please boot to safe mode + networking then go to C:\Windows\Minidump

Copy and paste the files in there to any other folder. Then rar or zip them and attach the compressed file to a post using the paperclip above where you type/

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