Tape Backup Support


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Does Windows 7 support tape backup hardware? software? Thanks in advance for any help/advice.


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Unknown, but my question is, why?

Tape is so out dated, slow and expensive compared to external HDD's
Technically, you are supposed to replace tapes once a year, most people don't, --- they lose data eventually.

Windows 7Backup does not support tape media as a backup media type (this is true of Windows Vista backup as well).

You are correct; Removable Storage Manager (RSM) is also no longer included in Windows 7. Microsoft has been working with backup partners and OEMs over the past five years to gradually move away from this technology.

Windows 7 backup is designed to automatically backup to a hard disk, local network share, or disc (i.e. CD/DVD). Despite not natively supporting back up to your tape media, we hope that back up to one of the supported media types is as or more convenient and cost-effective for you.


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Tape Backup

This is perplexing to me ... a DVD holds 4.7GB which Windows supports. A tape can hold 20GB ... Seems to me that if DVD i viable tape would be even more viable. WHY would Microsoft not support tape???? As I said, it does not make sense!!!!! Am I alone on this?


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Because Tape is an outdated Technology.
However, I would also agree that DVD is not a wise choice either.

Basically, External HDD being 1.5 Terabytes now, and quite cheap, and the fact that you don't have to replace them each year (as you should do with tape) makes them the cheaper, more reliable alternative.

And honestly, DVD is more reliable than tape, once a tape is close to or over 1 year old.

MicroSoft has really screwed up by not including native tape drive backups. Having to keep daily backups of 30 - 40GB of data, for several months, on external HDD's, is not cost effective. How many external drives will be needed for this simplye backup for a good tape drive?

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