Taskbar size/offset issue


I have a problem with the taskbar being slightly too thick, and icons being offset. This leaves a slight space under the icons.

The problem ocurred after I tried to customize my interface, and replaced explorer.exe, shell32.dll and explorerframe.dll with modified versions - but replaced them with the originals after. Maybe one of them is still active? I'm pretty sure explorer.exe has something to do with the taskbar, but I've tried replacing it with the original file several times.

I've tried unlocking the taskbar, resizing, moving it around, rebooting the computer, deleting pinned programs. Is there anything I can do? (The icons for Chrome and WMP were modified after the problem occurred.)


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Figured it out, and I'll post the solution for anyone with the same problem.

I though it was linked to a .dll file, but it turns out that I had created a toolbar for the recycle bin, and set it to display a large icon. The icon was increasing the height of the toolbar.

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