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taskhostw.exe has high CPU consumptionm of 99.3%


New Member
Feb 17, 2019

I have been searching the internet all day and I have not found a fix for this. I have been playing some Overwatch and League of Legends and noticed that every 10 or so seconds the characters jump/snap to a location. I assumed it was lag or that my graphics drivers weren't updated but I have discovered it is neither. While using Photoshop CC, every 20 seconds while using the brush it freezes, I can move my Wacom pen around but when I try to draw or click nothing happens, a few seconds later it then fulfils all the actions done within the freeze.

I did some scans of my pc and found this error when using the Resource and Performance Monitor, as well as these 'informational'.


I believe this is what's causing the lag/freezing but cannot find a fix for it. My pc is only 8 months old, and it was build by myself and has been working perfectly since built. I have also this morning done a fresh install of windows 10 to see if that would fix it but it has not.

Pc Specs:
cpu: Intel(R_ Core(TM) i7-7700k CPU @ 4.20GHz
ram: 16GB DDR4
gpu: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080
hard drives - 2x ssd + 1 hhd

Any advice would be greatly appreciated as im out of things to try and my pc is currently unusable.
taskhostw is responsible for running scheduled tasks, so you may have one that is running amok. If you download and run Procexp and locate the taskhostw.exe process. Then look at the parent svchost.exe process. Underneath that you can likely determine what is currently executing and that will likely be your culprit.