Team BSOD : Consistency in posting DMP results


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Whats the opinions of what and how should we post the results? Some post the output of winDB some clip the date, uptime, and other relevant info, some dont include anything.

Just curious.

SS thanks for the links and the group NICE


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Ken my friend.... Based on the time I have been reading BSOD probs / queries / responses, my observations are thus .... It is only a curious person seeking help that expresses interest in the analysis. I would suggest that most users with probs just want a quick fix - immediately! On that assumption I would suggest it is superfluous to needs including the analysis / results. Exception - Drivers etc that require updating may indeed need to be included.


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I agree and as you know dont post analysis output, for even most analysts dont read them. Drivers and special items are of course necessary


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I was always encouraged (told!) to add them so I suppose that's the rut I've got stuck in. I find them useful if it's not a thread I'm involved in. Just to have a quick scoot through them. Even I miss something sometimes!! Also handy to look back at a previous .dmp you've been through without opening it. Having said that, I bet 99% of OP's don't give them a second glance, they just want their fix :).

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