TechNet or Actionpack Questions

For those fortunate enough to have either a TechNet or Actionpack subscription need to know if you have received your quarterly updates via snail mail delivery of dvd's or do you now have to download all your quarterly updates? Not too thrilled having to d/l Windows 7 Professional or Ultimate and ended up performing the download 3am otherwise sharing bandwidth on Microsoft's servers during the day was a fiasco.

As for the 32-bit Win7 Professional it is pretty stable other than some business apps not installing or licensing cleanly. My biggest concern right now is I cannot use this new o/s for business related activities because my VPN client does not establish a session. Sam VPN client works on XP Pro SP3 and Vista Ultimate SP2. Even tried using the much hyped Win7 "XP compatability mode" w/o success...anyone having the same issues?


Joe S

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If this is a machine you are experimenting on you might try Windows Easy transfer. I used it to get a bike log program with about 10 years of data onto Windows 7. The program had a 16 bit installer and wouldn't install on 64 bit. Doing some more experimenting on a virtual pc I found that if I simply copied the program file from and sub file From XP to the C drive then went in and double clicked the registry file it also worked. I realize this is a simple program with no drivers but it might help with old software.

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