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Can someone explain how technet works? I called them and asked the same question. A very helpful lady told me I could download an ISO of any of the MS software up to 10 times and that each ISO has 10 activation keys. That makes 100 copies for my own use of each of their software titles. Is this correct? I have 6 home computers that I would like to equip with W7 and Office2007 and/or Office2010 Beta. I also have 10 computers that I am responsible for at a small private school. Since I will have the students "testing" the new software, would that be stretching the definition of the license?

BTW, they gave me a quote that is good for 45 days. All I have to do is to send in a check and they email me my user information. I was able to use a promo code that saved me close to $100 off the regular price. This made the total about $266.


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You should ask Microsoft about the EULA if in doubt. Using it in a school setting may be stretching the EULA, especially if the school is a for-profit organization. Its made very clear that TechNet downlods are for evaluation, even though the licenses are perpetual. Its meant for IT people and not for deploying a business. A legit educational reason might be OK though, so I'm not sure...

If you are an administrator at a school you want to look into the programs they have for educational use, which in many cases are very generous. You can get copies of programming software and server for almost nothing. This falls under a different category than TechNet. If you use the software at home its not like anyone is going to find out, but you can't be using it for business or "production" purposes from what I understand.

I believe you are correct. I will be happy just using it for my own use.

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