Windows 8 Terrifying Static Thing

Colin Kohrs

Jan 26, 2016
I have an HP Elitebook and I am running Windows 8.
I was watching a video on YouTube using chrome. I got up but was standing on my Ethernet cable so when I pulled up the computer there was a tug that pulled the plug down a bit. My screen immediately went to colorful static, in horizontal lines. Not vertical, not pixel white static, horizontal lines in the colors of the video I was watching. It fizzed with white noise audio and I got scared so I shut my computer. When I opened it back up it booted and all of my applications were closed as if I had just powered down unsafely. Everything was safe through recovery documents (thank you auto recover features) and then I went straight to this site.
Should I be worried? Is this okay because the problem isn't persisting? I'm worried that this might happen again so I'm backing up all my files.
Is it really static? You can expect all kind of errors after these kinds of accidents. I expect the mechanical shocks and vibrations were way out of the specs. But that was only for a short moment and your computer survived. For now it works, there is nothing you can do now and with worrying you won't change anything.

And yes, with or without accidents, you should ALWAYS make backups.
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