The HTPC / Windows 7 Chronicles: You Asked, We Answer!


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A couple of months ago, I wrote a piece about building a home theater PC using AMD’s Maui platform and the Windows 7 beta.

The idea there was twofold. First, explore the HTPC hardware environment. It had literally been years since I’d made an effort to replace dedicated A/V equipment with general-purpose PC components, and not for any lack of desire. Rather, I had given up trying to force desktop technology into the living room when, as readers pointed out in the comments section of the last story, you can already get so much functionality from Xbox 360s and $10/month DVRs.


I am going to build one of these one day. I am hoping that by the time I do I won't have to use anything else, just the Media PC and speakers. Looks like it's getting close but still not quite there yet.

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