The New 9600 Series Cards


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Good Or Bad You Be The Judge Read This Review. personally i think its pretty good considering the RRP
but it is only based at the mid range and the performance could get better if nvidia pull their finger out and get out some decent drivers
Lol. It's nothing, not even next gen. Check out some benchies. Just re branded and extra 20mhz shader lol. Only the added triple SLI. Shame on you nvidia!
Triple SLi? Meh, sounds like an excuse to pay $800 for 3 midrange gpus to push your electric bill over $100 a month, and burn out your PSU. :p wonder how the 9800 will be.
I am interested in the 9800M to see how it is, and to get it for my next laptop.

Mmmm, if you want decent drivers from Nvidia, switch to linux, otherwise, get ATI. :p nah, just kidding.