NEWS The Sham, Scaremongering Guide to Ebola


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Someone was sure to capitalize on the Ebola panic, and Dr. Joseph Alton is that guy. His book, ‘Ebola Survival Handbook,’ is already a bestseller.
Did you know you could get Ebola by breathing it in? That you could catch it in your backyard? Or that tons of enemy countries are stockpiling Ebola in secret labs?
No? That’s because the claims border on nonsensical. Yet that’s exactly the sort of wisdom being delivered in the hot new New York Times bestseller The Ebola Survival Handbook.
Dr. Joseph Alton’s how-to guide is chock full of important facts—nearly all of which are eclipsed by its blatant falsities. In one sentence, he asserts: “Panic is worse than complacency.” In another, he evokes just that: “It’s in your hands. Will you pick up the flag and get medically prepared? Someone has to.”
Written by the physician behind the survivalist website, as well as the author of The Survival Medicine Handbook, Ebola Survival purports to teach individuals how to survive an outbreak of the virus should their nation fall. Evidently, it’s information people want. In the two days since the book was released, it has already landed the No. 4 spot on the health section of The New York Times bestseller list and received a four-star rating on Amazon. :eek: :rolleyes:

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