this is incredible i had bsod on my sony laptop and now sony replaced it and new one also has bsod

I got the computer... For what they showed me as in documentation, appears as if I had used a generic volume on the computer, they were saying it was the external drive, but we did not discuss that, they wanted the explanation of other downloaded things, such as whatwe used, sf diagnostics, microsoft essentials and malware removal all those stuff.

They re-installed the operative system, but without something...the extra memory that was added. The thing is that FOR NOW the computer has been in use for about 3 hours and no problem with BSOD. I hope this was the problem, they handed me the memory.

The name of the virus I will get it tomorrow I hope, because I handled everything with the manager and the technician was free and is the only one who knows this name, hope she wrote it down somewhere.
And I am very appreciated by your support,
Best Regards,
John Fortis

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