[THIS TIME FOR REAL] It's the face of Elvis in a BANANA !! ☚

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    This a-peeling sculpture is sure to make you go bananas - with the face of Elvis given a fruity new approach.


    Japanese artist Keisuke Yamada has also sculpted Davey Jones from Pirates of The Caribbean, as well as a dragon and ghoulish skulls.

    The detailed works of fruity art are carved with a toothpick and a spoon. Each piece is completed fast, before the bananas start to rot.

    When the sculptures are complete Mr Yamada photographs them and eats them before they go off.

    He told the Daily Mail: 'I started making them about two weeks ago and since posting pictures of them online they have really taken off.'

    Yamada, an electrician by profession added: 'I'm looking forward to making many more in the future.'

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