Windows 7 Tiny solution for window lag

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Apr 15, 2009
Ever since RC1, a lot of people have been having a small problem where window animations (opening, closing, dragging across desktop, etc.) have had a slight lag. While this solution logically doesn't make sense, all I did was restart explorer.exe and dwm.exe (and perhaps a few "crap" processes that you know closing won't make a difference) every now and then (about as often and as I defragment) and it noticeably makes the animations smoother. Why I said this logically doesn't make sense is because every time you restart your computer all processes also restart, so I don't know why this makes a noticeable difference (you might not get smoother animations, I don't know what the factors are). Whatever, try it :)

EDIT: Ending the dwm.exe process automatically restarts it, but ending explorer.exe will make the taskbar and everything disappear. Go to the Applications tab in the Task Manager and click 'New Task...' and type 'explorer.exe'.

EDIT2: Oops, posted this in the wrong forum. Could a mod please move it? :p
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