Tracing hardware via asset/serial number

Morning all,

I've recently been brought on to a project to ugrade a companies hardware. I have a list of assets to hand off to a build engineer for rebuilding, but am unable to find a number of laptops in their storage area.

I have some suspiscions, but I'd like the chance to rule out foul play before I throw any accusations about at any specific department; so, I was wondering if there's a way I could trace any of said laptops remotely using the info I have (currently asset tags, but could attain serial numbers quite easily), or if there's any other way I could do it by obtaining more asset info.

Any help would be vastly appreciated, thanks.


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personally I don't know but I did do a little search via Google and found some links which may or may not help:

how to trace a computer with serial number, Asset Tag Number and hostname with SCCM2007?

Top Asset Tracking Software: The 52 Best Tools and Software Solutions to Track Your Company's Vital Physical Assets

Apologies if it's not what you need.

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