Triple Sun seen over China

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    Triple suns spotted over China - Yahoo! News UK

    Video -->> [video][/video]

    An astronomical phenomenon that appears to show three suns appears above Changchun, the capital city of Jilin Province in northeast China.

    Two smaller suns appeared on either side of the sun, with a strong light on top.
    The smaller twins were about one-tenth of the size of the sun.

    Together with the bright light, they formed a round, rainbow-like aura around the sun.
    Experts said that such a phenomenon is called "phantom sun", which is an optical refraction in the atmosphere.

    In winter, the clouds are formed by ice crystals and they are relatively higher in the sky than in summer.

    When they happen to form a particular shape, they can reflect the sunshine in such a way that produces the astronomical phenomenon of "triple suns".

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