Windows 10 Troubleshooting program crashes


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Jul 4, 2015
*Updated Link to Update 3 of the Debug tool* - 10/29/2020

This is a guide to on how to capture information that will allow us to better help you solve your "Application Crash" problems. In order to get the needed information for analysis you will need to download the Debug Diagnostic application from Microsoft and administrator rights on your system. The Application and be found here: Download Debug Diagnostic Tool v2 Update 3 from Official Microsoft Download Center Go ahead and install it once you've downloaded it.

Now launch the newly installed program by pressing the [Windows key] and search debug diag, you shouldn't need to type in the entire thing.

We want to do a crash capture, so we will select Crash and click Next

We want to select "A specific process"

You can either manually type the program name or if it is currently running select it from the list. I wrote a program called CrashTest.exe for this guide. Click Next when you have your crashing program selected.

Now we need to select what we want Debug Diag to capture. If you don't know the exception code use section (1) below to specify "Mini Dump" and 1-5 chances. If you know the exception code, you can use the Exceptions button to configure special capture options shown in blue below. Click Next when finished.

Now we need to specify a location the captures will be saved, for this you can choose any location, I chose my desktop in a folder called Test If the folder doesn't exist you will be prompted to create it.

Finally you will need to activate the rule

Now we can see the rule is created and are dump count is 0

Now run your program in whatever way causes it to crash and you should see the Userdump Count increase.

If we open the folder we specified for are dumps we will see a .dmp file and .txt file. The last step is to zip and upload this directory to the site for analysis.
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There are lot of things to be learn by users, such as how to fix random application crashes and hangs, with free Windows tools designed to battle any hanging application.In general case troubleshooting the progress indicator and program crashes in Mac OS X.I suggested you that turn on automatic updates and keep your system up to date with the latest updates available.It may avoid the trouble shooting problems and you can do programs perfectly.Writing an essay as a beginner can be a very hard thing. The students want to get high grade and need help with understanding the task and arranging the content for their paper.
Lets diagnose the issue by referring to the following issue diagnosing methods and check the issue status.

Method 1:

Ensure that you have installed available Windows updates, including Optional updates and check the issue status.

Method 2:

I would suggest you to perform a clean boot and check if it helps.

Clean boot will check if any third party application is causing the issue, as clean boot helps in eliminating software conflicts.

Method 3:

To isolate the issue, I suggest you to create another user account and check if the issue persists. This will determine if the issue is a profile corruption. To do that, follow the steps below.

  1. Go to Start menu.
  2. Click on Settings.
  3. Choose Accounts.
  4. Select Other User Accounts towards the left.
  5. Select Add an Account.
  6. Towards the bottom, select “Sign in without a Microsoft account.”
  7. Choose Local Account.
  8. Enter a user name and hit Next.
  9. Click on Finish.
  10. Sign out from the current Account and Log into the new account.
I recommend you join the Windows Insider Program to get more frequent preview builds and send your feedback straight to the people building Windows and latest updated regarding the new windows virtual desktop azure.

If updating the app doesn't fix it, your next step is to clear its data cache, potentially removing any bugs. On Windows, the only way to do this is by uninstalling and reinstalling the program. To remove a program, hit the Start menu and select the cog icon to open Windows Settings. Choose Apps, find the problem program, and click Uninstall to remove it then reinstall the application.
Computer programs can crash due to an error in the program, your operating system, or your drivers.

Software Update
There is a lot of free software available on the internet and many of them we are using. So, when you get an update in any of your free software try to replace it by download and installed its latest version from the internet rather than run an updater.

Update your System
Try to update your system regularly, it can prevent you from application crashes or any of malware attacks.

Update your driver
Any outdated driver can also crash your program and it controls the operation of the hardware on your computer. So, keep your system's performance good, by updating the driver (try to update your driver with hardware manufacturers' websites).

Rolling Back
Create a backup point a synchronize it on the usual days. It'll help you a lot, whenever your application or system crash, you can restore its previous version easily.

Keep your eyes on Event Viewer
The event viewer contains the log file of your system, so, try to check it whenever your application crashes. This technical information doesn't provide a direct solution, but it can help you when searching online for specific answers, or if you want to report a bug to a developer.
I am not sure If "Debug Diagnostic" still valid
as 10/2020.
If "Debug Diagnostic" still valid,please let me know.
My build will be provided in "attach files",+
Errors I got...
Errors in "attach files" causing installing app/program/s
stop with Errors.

1.antivirus and firewall was turned off b4 download, from link
provided by the developer.
2.been with this co. for 7 years,downloaded more the few apps/
programs, never had any problems,it is exe. file.

Thanks for the response,will monitor site for the help with
my problem.


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Thanks for reply.
Attempted to install but run into problem.


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Thanks for reply.
I redownloaded link with AV and Firewall
turned off.,when attempted to install, Error still there.

I have included several more cmd checks, just in case.
What I have noticed, last successful installation was done
in september 2020, b4 latest updates.
Thank You for Your time.
Run again
DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Scanhealth

DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth


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Thanks for reply.
I redownloaded link with AV and Firewall
turned off.,when attempted to install, Error still there.

I have included several more cmd checks, just in case.
What I have noticed, last successful installation was done
in september 2020, b4 latest updates.
Thank You for Your time.
Run again
DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Scanhealth

DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth
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