Trying to install Windows 7 Home Premium using disc but not working. Please help.


I had Windows 7 Home Premium installed and I just wanted to reinstall everything but when I boot it up from CD it is not working for some reason. It just goes straight to Windows 7 log in. Seems like ppls been having problems but they do not seem to have exactly same setting as me. Since I am doing Windows 7 to Windows 7. I wanted to format it but instead of just formatting I tried installing it. But now it is not working. And I was wondering if I could get some help, if I could get this to work?

BIOS setting is CD/DVD and I also manually did it by pressing F12.. still not working.
Any suggestions?

Thank you.



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First, Windows 7 comes on DVD-ROM and not CD. When you hit F12 no boot menu comes up? Or you get to the boot menu and it still won't boot from DVD?

The best known way is to use the boot menu and launch from DVD. You should check both the DVD disc itself and the DVD-ROM drive to determine if there is a problem detecting the disc. Also, check and see if you can see the disc and its files from your existing Windows 7 installation.

Check for scratches on the disc.

If none exist, you may want to call either your computer manufacturer or Microsoft Support and see if they would provide you with a replacement disc using your product key.

Your message reads difficult: At one point you apparently have Windows 7 working, yet at another juncture it doesn't work after apparently booting from the disc and formatting the drive? When you receive your installation media, you are responsible for making a backup. Doing regularly scheduled image backups of a working installation is also recommended. If the installation disc is corrupt, your only alternative is to try to get a replacement from your system manufacturer or Microsoft. You may have to pay charges for replacement media.

Some systems have complete rescue partitions which allow you to restore to factory defaults on them already, but if you do not see the option off-hand, its likely you do not have it.

What CD/DVD are you trying to boot from, does it have the boot sector on it? How did you burn?

Sorry. Yeah I do have the DVD not CD.
When I hit F12, boot menu comes up and I choose the CD/DVD and I set it up so that the first one is always CD/DVD from BIOS as well.

DVD is the one that I just recently burned from using .iso that I downloaded. It is a student copy that I have purchased back in January. Disk itself has the installation file in it as well. And this computer is the one that I built so... there goes another problem. I was thinking about doing BIOS reflash like someone told me to but was not sure if that would be a good idea yet. Yeah I upgraded from Vista to Windows 7 and was perfectly fine. I just wanted to reformat the drive and when I was trying to do that it told me to boot it from disc and it is not working. The computer works fine but the booting from disc is not.

I followed an instruction on how to format the drive by going START > DISK MANAGEMENT > FORMAT but when I right click on mine it does not give me FORMAT option. I just did disk cleanup but does not seem to erase everything. Any suggestions? Could I get some more help?

Thank you and I really appreciate it!


I just poped in the DVD in burned the .iso drive.
Was that not the right way?

It goes from "Press any key to boot from CD/DVD" and when I press it it just goes to log in part...

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When you burn the disk make sure the max write speed is 4X or less. If faster frequently cause problems.


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You could try making a USB flash installer from your .iso.
MS has a free tool to do just that.
If you can boot to USB flash media this might do the trick.
Installing from USB flash media is quicker than DVD as well.

Microsoft Store: Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool Help

Thank you guys. it worked... it was my stupid mistake... it was my keyboard..
Thanks all for helping@


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Thanks for popping back and let us know. Sometimes in a hurry we all overlook the simplest thing.

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