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I just want to say thank you for those who introduced me to Tune-Up Utilities 2009 here. Out of all of those I have ever tried this one certainly seems to work the best. And it really has a lot to it. I can't wait for the 2010 version that surely comes out very soon now.

i always been a big fan of it until i started using windows 7 it didn't work for me at all never worked properly,have you been using it with no problems?


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Yes, and so far no biggies. Warning however they do not recommend compatibility mode but, again no problems so far. And no problems with Vista. I understand version 2010 will appear on or before release of Windows 7 to general public on the 22 of this month. That one should have quote zero problems with 7. This is all based on recent company email to purchasers of Tune-Up 2009 about a week ago at $10.00 discount plus free upgrade to 2010 when it comes out soon.


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No offense,

But I can almost guarantee it will find problems on a new fresh install of Windows 7.

I know this from installing fresh about 6 different times..;)

It will first pick up file extensions that are not in use and delete these first.


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Ah yes, it surely will but, I would surely assume that will be fixed and ready to go when Tune-Up 2010 appears in a short while from now, right? As far as cleaning the registry and other cleaning chores however, I still think this is one of better ones I have seen. As for Vista, it seems to do a really good job all the way around, as for Windows 7 I have to assume that the things that are presently wrong with it will be fixed shortly.


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I used "Registry Mechanic" and lost some of my shortcuts to System and Administrative Tools. I used "Crap Cleaner" and lost the boot loader for my second operating system. Granted, I should have checked but I was too lazy to read through hundreds of entries.

I will let Windows take care of itself from now on. That is a solemn vow on my part.

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