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I'm having difficulty turning on the windows defender. ever time I press on it, it takes me to the system 32 folder and then I'm guessing it wants me to do something? :confused:

This could have come from me trying to adjust the security settings on the system 32 folder. I was trying to gain control over the folder so I could replace a DLL, so I could run one of my games. After trying to disable every possible security feature i could find, windows still wouldn't let me change the permissions. I am the only user on this computer so therefor I have a admin account.

If someone could help me fix both problems I'm having it would be great!

Try this:
Type Services.msc in the run box.
In the list which follows, scroll down to Windows Defender, (you will, in your case, probably find it is disabled or on manual.) Whatever, double click it and select "automatic" if you want it to be permanent, or manual, if you want it for the current session. Now click "Start" .A message will probably pop up to the effect that it started and stopped again.
Ignore this and now close the window and, through the Control Panel (icon view) click the Windows defender and you should find it fully functional. Open the options and make sure you do have it in use (Somewhere near the bottom of the list - sorry, I have it disabled so cannot help there)

davehc is correct

I am just curious as to what DLL file you are trying to change.

I hope it's not a Windows 7 operating system file.

That could hose your system immediately.
I just had another read of your post.
Regarding the security settings. - As reghakr says!!!!
But you are not the global Administartor, only the adminstrator of you own profile.
But to take control of a file (or relinquish it) You should make a small registry alteration. I have attacjhed a zio file which will do this for you. Use it with care! After running the .reg file in the zip, you will find that, by right clicking on a folder or file, you will have a new option to "take ownership".
It worked.

Thanks davehc! what you have told me to do worked and now windows defender is working again and im not getting the annoying popup from action center.:D

As a reply to reghakr, the file was the Dxdiagn.dll file. This is because when I try to run my game "Neverwinter Nights 2" it errors and tells me that I need a video card with 3D capabilities, I know my video card is 3D cos its a Nvidia GeForce 8600 GTS (256MB DDR3) Which is more than capable of playing the game. I read the neverwinter nights 2 forum on this issue thinking I probably wasnt the only person with this problem. After some reading and searching I found that one person had downloaded a fixed copy of that DLL and replaced the other one and the game worked. So I went to try it myself only to find I could not change a single file in the folder, Or the whole windows folder itself. :cool:

I thought hmmm maybe that is because Microsoft dont want people modifying a Release Candidate but then I thought well then how did the other person do it?:confused:

I taught myself everthing I know about computers but Windows 7 is more than I thought it would be so im slowly learning about it. Which is why I came to the forum. I went from XP to 7 so skiped Vista (thank god) so this is all new to me. I was just supprised on how much microsoft is trying to stop a new or unexperianced user that dont know what they are doing from messing up thier pc but at the same time stoping people like us from altering a file they know how to revert if things go wrong. But I have never heard of the windows defender therefore came here to ask how to fix it. Thanks again on your advice much apreciated! Now that I know I will be able to help my friends if they come across the same issue. As all my friends come to me to fix there pc. its gets repettitive at times lol. But I love doing it.

Thanks for that reg fix davehc. So how does one become the global Administartor? Im the only person that uses this pc so I would like control over it!:confused: I know that fix will give me control but is there anyway to stop all future security problems that I may come across?
There are a couple of ways:

Open a command prompt(Run as Administrator.
Type the following command and enter.
net user administrator /active

Log out and see if you have a new alternative login, as well as your existing one. If not, do it the long way.

Shut down the computer for a cold boot. Tap the "F8" key as you are booting.
Select "Safe Mode with networking" from the boot menu.
Log into windows 7 with your personal account that holds the administrator access.
Open a command window (START--->RUN--->CMD.exe). At the command prompt type the following net user administrator /active
Log out and log back in as administrator.

Another way

Go to Start
Type Control UserPasswords2.
Click Advanced.
Click Advanced again.
Select Users.
Select Administrator and untick the the box “Administrator is disabledâ€Â￾
Now log out and login as Administrator.

The action leaves you a little more vulnerable to outside attack. Not a big issue if you are confident with your anti virus control etc.
Well I use Iolo System Mechaninc, Anti Virus and Firewall, Would you say that is a decient firewall. I trust it but I havent had other peoples opinion on it yet?
It seems totally enough. It is very much a "personal taste" issue. I use Avast and my router firewall.

If you follow my post it does, naturally, still leave you with the option of logging in to your own user account whenever needed.