Windows 8 Tying together Microsoft accounts in Windows 8


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Oct 31, 2012
Good Evening All -

I have a quick question regarding accounts and shared media across Microsoft accounts.

I've had an Xbox 360 since release, and with that an Xbox Video setup as well. Over the years I've purchased a shameful amount of TV shows. Well, I was quite excited with the release of Windows 8, because those TV shows would be easily be synced up on my PCs.

This week I quickly and successfully upgraded my laptop and a desktop, all linked together under one Microsoft account.

Here is my problem - I am going to be upgrading my wife to Windows 8 on her laptop this weekend. She seems to be excited about the transition, but ideally she would have her own Microsoft account so that she can have her settings and her mail and all that good stuff setup to her specifications.

So, my questions are:
- If she creates a new Microsoft account, is it possible for her to link that account back to my account, where she will have access to all the media that we have purchased over the years?
- If yes, then how do I go about doing that?
- If no, does anyone have any workarounds that might solve our problem.

I appreciate any expertise that can be lent to me here.
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