Windows 7 UAC problem for 64bit vista?


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Mar 1, 2009
If i change my uac to low from off, office 2007 tells me it's not setup for current user and tries to reinstall. Of course, the current user has not changed. the problem only goes away when i return UAC to the lowest possible setting.

i also can not change permissions (access denied) of the c:\windows\programs(x86) folder. i had suspected access to this and other folders were precluding Adobe CS3 and/or CS4 from proberly instaling. could it be the UAC to blame for that problem as well? i have tried to change permissions within the safe mode, so that's not a solution.

i did NOT do a clean install. i 'upgraded' 64-bit vista.

Also, my blue-ray dvd-rom will not play blue-ray discs. it will play dvd movies, however. the driver seems to be properly installed and is most current. Has anyone had any issues with HP's quickplay (the software behind movie-watching on my paviion dv5t)? it seems quickplay relies upon cyberlink's code, as an update request sends the user to their site.

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