Unsharing files???

First you might need to know what my system is: I am running Win 7 Home Premium 64 Bit on an HP notebook with a T6600 processor.

I have a few user accounts one of which contains my personal files.... I want to set some files as "Not Shared" but I can not find a way to do so. I tried changing permissions in the security tab and that was a big mistake, I wound up unable to access the file even from the account that owns the file. after figuring out how to delete that file I recreated it and I set it as Share with: Nobody. Now other accounts would require a password to access the folder but I would be happier if I could actually set the tile "Not Shared." Any thoughts are appreciated.



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share with nobody will put a lock symbol on that folder.

Okay ... I have a lock Icon on the folder cut it says shared in properties. contradiction concerns me.


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Login as a different user and you will not be able to access the locked folder. You will get a message Access denied. The shared option will be selected since you have shared it with nobody but you.

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Thanks for the info ... That 'Splains it!

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