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This AM EST at 7 AM I failed at updating Windows 10 21H1 19043.1081.
I am sorry I cannot remember the #.
I tried everything including recovering an image to no avail. I tired about 6 times and it always said that red waning it was not good.
Inexplicably, I ran windows update successfully, no failures.
However, It did not show any updates and there are no updates for anything for 6-29-21. The history does not have an update dated 6-29-21.
Could it be that Windows issued a faulty one which they retracted?


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Regarding Windows update, when I click to update it does so about 2-3 times a day. If I do not click on it, it does not show any updates in the history section.
I have tried everything Google has to offer.
Is there something I can do to get the Windows update to do so automatically. I would list what I have done but it would take a while.


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If you haven't adjusted any settings it should show them automatically.

You can also look at the installed update history by running the following in PowerShell.

Get-HotFix | Sort InstalledOn -Descending

I would also be aware if a "Reset base" is performed via DISM or an upgrade is done this also resets the update base and said history will reset.


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When I run that link with PowerShell some say security and others say security update. Does that tell if they are installed manually or automatically?
When I installed a repair WU is set one way then after I run Windows update trouble shooter it changes.
I read where manual is better but don't know that to be true. Right now I have it set to trouble shooter setting and I check it daily, manually.

My goal is to know which Windows update setting I should have; auto or manual, and how to set it!