Upgrade from Vista 32bit > Win 7 32 Bit; Blank Screens

Good afternoon,

I'm attempting to upgrade from 32 Bit Vista to Win 7 32 Bit, however during the final stage of the upgrade process my Monitor turns black, and goes into power save mode.

The monitor (LG Flatron HD) is connected to the PC through an HDMI cable, connected to 2 HD 4800 ATI graphics cards in CrossFire.

Before starting the upgrade process I downloaded and installed latest video drivers for the graphics cards. From reading the threads all I can think to do is to go out and by some D-Sub connectors and see if it works, compared to the HDMI.

Any other recommendations?


Got back and attempted the D-Subs(Also called VGA I guess?) and no go.

I have an upgrade disk that was order using one of the upgrade coupons.

I may be better off trying to fresh install... but I'm very worried. If it gives me the same problem I'm pretty much screwed. I'll try the one video card thing I suppose.


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I agree with Drew on the "clean" install.

Upgrading causes conflicts, which is what is occurring with your system.

Be aware, you'll need to re-install all your 3rd party applications.

I agree with the rest of you and suggest:

If you can, do the clean install instead of upgrade. If clean installation is not available, then you may have to do the clean install of Vista with the following upgrade of 7. If you are upgrading :

1. Save your data to a safe place
2. Format the partition
3. Clean install Vista on the formatted partition
4. Do NOT install drivers
5. If not integrated in your Vista installation, install Vista SP 1 & SP 2
6. Upgrade to 7
7. Install 7 drivers

After some more experimentation (trying to workaround the 'clean' install until I get an external hard drive)...

I was able to check into the bios and noticed that my motherboard has an integrated video card, I switched the video controller to that and disabled the two CrossFired cards... And the display didn't shut off at any time during the installation.

However, I still got an error and wasn't able to upgrade.

So, in conclusion: Clean install seems to be the only way.

Thank you very much for your help, everyone. I appreciate it!

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