Windows 7 Upgrading from XP to Windows 7


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Jan 27, 2009
Hi guys,
I downloaded the 32 bit iso image and burnt to dvd.
I used new drive to do clean install of windows7.
It told me I could not do as this drive wasn't in correct format, but it was NTFS.
I sorted that by getting the install to format the drive and all went well. Windows 7 installed and works fine.
I then wanted to try an upgrade using a copy of my live xp system to see how it goes, without screwing up my real live system.
I used another spare drive and put two partitions on it, I had learnt this from the first install.
I loaded up XP all ok. I inserted the DVD and it asked me to "install now", which I did.
It then gave a display of storing tempory files.
Then it gave an error code 0x80070490 and will not go any further, so cannot install, which is a bummer. See the image.
Do you guys have any ideas how I get over this problem,?
Many thanks,
Like DaHound said, unfortunately you can't upgrade from XP to 7.... ;) Clean install only.. Perhaps by the final release MS will have changed this due to the large number of people still using XP and the large number of people that will want to Upgrade rather than do a clean install.. we can always hope at least.. :) Although I prefer the clean install method over Upgrading so it doesn't really matter to me.. but I do know it matters to alot of people so hopefully Microsoft caters to those people by the final release of Win 7...
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