Windows 7 Upgrading Windows 7 build 6801 to 7000


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Jan 11, 2009
Does anyone know if windows 7 installer will allow an upgrade from build to build? Is Microsoft releasing updates as windows 7 is developed to keep up with the builds? I have been using it since the first leaked copy from the PDC in October and would just like to upgrade? :( I'm new here but not new to fourms, and could not find any information on this here. It already a very stable os thus far, as it should be since it was built upon vista and most of the kinks have been worked out. Thanks! :D
Though I can't say for sure if your able to do what your proposing, I can say that I don't think it would be the best way to go about installing the Beta.. a clean install would be a much better idea, take less time and give you fewer driver conflicts/installation problems.. ;) As far as updates go, Microsoft is releasing updates for the Beta through Windows update.. not for the previous builds though as far as I know.. There is also a critical update for Windows 7 Beta that addresses the .mp3 error people began noticing a while ago.. that one doesn't seem to want to show up through Windows Update for some reason but it is available at Microsoft's site and can be easily found by searching google as well.... sorry if this doesn't really answer your question..
I have gotten all the update thus far including the one mentioned, it's just I want to make sure I'm up to date with build 7000. I would think it would Install right over top but not sure if the install would give me and error saying something like "This version of window can't be installed on this system......" because its recognizing it as a newer version.:confused: I don't know?
Yeah got exactly the same question, super happy to have windows 7 installed though have a 6801 is there any way to update it to 7000?
I dont think there is a way to update from a previous windows 7 build. Personally using the Upgrade feature is very dangerous, especially if you have sensitive data and have not backed anything up. Many people in the past have used the upgrade feature with disastorous results especially in Beta features. Try upgrading from the windows 7 beta disk and if that doesnt work then there is no way to do it.
The system it is on is my beta testing system all my data is backed up on external drives as well as my laptop, so I'm not too worried about loosing data. This OS is in the beta testing phase therefore there will be bugs and its our job to find them and report them. So by using windows 7 at all is risky. I was just curious if any one has successfully tried this. I may try it this afternoon, and see how well the upgrade works and I'll post back. :cool: I would think upgrading from release to release would be that risky seeing as to most of the files would be the same and most of the driver issue should already be resolved. Also I don't remember If there was a repair install option in the installer like there has been in previous versions of windows but that might also work. :rolleyes:
That would be nice of you=)I would try doing that but i am still downloading the last build..thats 3 more gigs, it takes a while to download) Whatever happens I will do it tomorrow:razz:

I have two computors and one of them was running Windows Vista 64 bit and Windows 7 32 bit., and the other was running Windows Xp Pro and Windows 7 32 bit, boath in d/boot.

When I upgraded the one with Vista it gave me a d/boot system just fine D/boot, but when I installed it on Windows XP it changed the two drives and showed just one drive and no d/boot , just windows 7 64 bit. So now i am having trouble getting my D: drive back which was a C: drive but it changed it to a D:drive. Can't even get to it anymore. going to have to figure this one out.

Windows 7 will install on any computor but you will probley loose your data, that is why they say back it up befour you install.

I attempted the upgrade and kept getting stuck at 1% ,and there is no option for a repair install. I may re burn the DVD at a slower speed and see if that fixes it. :confused: If not the I may try and install it over top without formatting there for leaving my file system in tacked. May end up just doing a clean install. :(
Thats not a good thing to hear)Anyway Im gonna do it soon and post here the results.

I dunno why but I just couldnt load the OS normally - got BSOD every time. THen I tried using Safe mode, and Windows just wouldn't let me upgrade since I was using Safe mode. Had no choice, so did a clean instal=)
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yes u cant see ur xp drive in win7.

but there is a solution
go to start>run> type "compmgmt.msc"
computer management window will open up.
in the left frame bottom lick on "disk management"
ull find ur xp drive there without a drive letter but active. just right click on it and assign it a drive letter.YOU'RE DONE.


anyone got vthe 6801 to 7000 upgrade? my dload speed is verrrrry slow. so i cant download 7000 guys :confused:
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