Windows 11 USB Mic Causing Video Player to play reverse in super speed


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Apr 6, 2022
My Audio Technica 2020 USB Mic is causing my video player to play videos in reverse, and in like hyper speed. It does it on every video player on my pc, vlc, movie player, it doesnt matter. It also causes me sometimes to not be able to highlight and copy text on applications such as discord. Also, when Im playing video games, if I have like a twitch stream up on the other monitor, it lags the twitch stream and makes the audio desynced like crazy. This is confirmed because each time i have these issues, I unplug the mic and these problems cease. Any ideas for a fix? It's a really good mic other than the problems it causes. I have 16gb of DDR 4-4000 RAM, and a banger cpu and gpu, so the problem should not be hardware related.
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