User Interface for Microsoft Windows 7 tablet devices

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    User Interface for Microsoft Windows 7 tablet devices

    Leading user interface designers UI Centric today announced details and first images of their upcoming tablet computing interface for Windows 7 devices – codenamed Macallan.

    The Macallan user interface (UI) is designed from scratch specifically for tablet/slate form-factor devices. As a purpose built tablet UI it is not an adaptation of a desktop or mobile phone operating system UI. It aims to offer the most intuitive and responsive user experience of any tablet device.
    Major benefits over other tablet device user interfaces include:

    • Native multitasking
    • Adobe Flash support
    • USB and memory card support
    • Camera and video chat functionality
    Macallan will be available under a licensing model to hardware manufacturers targeting Microsoft Windows 7 or Windows 7 Embedded Compact. As a comprehensive "off-the-shelf" solution, it will empower manufacturers to easily and affordably offer a next generation multi-touch user experience. The first device from a major manufacturer’s to run Macallan will debut in Q3 2010 (more details to be available in a future announcement).

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    UI Centric is a world leading user interface company with offices in London, New York and Mexico. Founded in 2007, UI Centric have delivered advanced user experiences for some of the world’s most innovative brands such as Panasonic, Microsoft, Pfizer, BT and TelMex.
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