Windows 7 Using XNA for Developing Windows Phone Games

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    When talking about developing applications for the new Windows Phone platform, we usually focus on Silverlight. There is, however, another programming model for developing Windows Phone applications, and that’s XNA—a special programming model based on .NET that is specifically designed for developing games, or other applications that need pixel level access to the screen. Like Silverlight, you can use XNA to develop either phone or desktop applications; unlike Silverlight, however, XNA can also be used for developing games for Xbox360.

    At the recent PDC10, Shawn Hargreaves held a seminar on “Things You Need to Know Before Building XNA Games for Windows Phone 7.” In this episode, Shawn give us an introduction about XNA development for the Phone, and hopefully helps you see how you might be able to develop the next blockbuster game on Windows Phone 7.

    You can see Shawn’s full PDC10 presentation here:

    Shawn also has a blog, which you can access here:

    And you can get more news and details about XNA development here:



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