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I can not use native resolution due to Vbox guest additions errors.
Is it just me or does anyone else running VBox have this problem?
Does not cause any problems other than the screen size, so far.

Just checked the VBox forum looks like the latest win10 build breaks the VBox guest additions.

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Joe S

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You might do better with VMware Player it's free. I always found Virtualbox a pain with trying to network and share.


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Many years ago I used VMW just got used to VBox later on.
I keep Ubuntu, XP, Win10 and Vista as VMs to help out friends & family when they get in trouble.
I personally found both of them to be good.
Thanks for the suggestion though.

Have you tried Hyper-V that's native to windows (Pro versions)?


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Only got home thanks, I'm sure that Vbox will fix it once they track down the problem.
Like I said not a show stopper just annoying.


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Just an FYI for anyone running under VBox there is a fix for the resolution issue with the new build on the VBox forum.
I involves using VBoxManage to create a custom resolution. In my case I needed 1920X1080.

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