Ventrilo + Windows 7 (Hotkey problem)


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Hello everyone.
Im new user on Windows 7. I have heard issues about lag wich might problem for most of people... Well... I have something different...

Im going to Ventrilo's Options. I have Hotkey set. I start running "Test" button. Everything works. I can hear myself and hotkey works fine.

Im clicking "OK" and leaving from options. Im trying to speak by using hotkey - " Speaker icon" doesnt change to green like it should and I only hear some kind of "ping" sound. (It's not same like on ventrilo, when u have that sound enabled). It sounds new for me. So it might comes from Windows.

I have tryed different hotkey, but always same thing happens. So basicly, my hotkey works in "Test" but not in action. I have tryed pretty much everything... Tryed to look Keyboards setup, ventrilo's properties and searching help for this issue from different forums, i havent found anything wich would help me out with this, so making own thread about this now.
Im using Logitech G15 keyboard and i even changed to my old one (wich i used on Win XP) to test out if it's about keyboard that has macro buttons.

Some people already told be to "Run as Admin" also tryed that one, doesnt change anything.

Same problem happens on all versions of Ventrilo. Even tryed all of them.

Anyone has same issue or knows how to fix this out?
If you have, let me know about it.

Thanks already.


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