Village angry after man parks £10,000 military tank outside his home


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Jul 7, 2009
Villagers have been left fuming after their neighbour Nicholas Kravchenko, a military fanatic, purchased a £10,000 green battlefield tank and parked it outside his home.

Police were called to the quiet neighbourhood street in Wolvercote, near Oxford, after locals said the 'eyesore', which appeared in their street last week, was intimidating.

Mr Kravchenko, a retired army engineer, purchased the former Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers armoured vehicle second-hand to drive around for his own amusement and also to take to charity events.

He is refusing to move the four-tonne camouflaged vehicle, which takes up three-and-a-half normal parking spaces.

Mr Kravchenko who calls himself 'Tank Man' said: 'I'm fed up.'

The council have not said it's anti-social and the police would have been straight on to me if it was illegal.'

Neighbours say he is ruining their street and appealed to Oxford City Council to take action.

Council officers are to meet with him in an attempt persuade him to move the vehicle.

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