'Virgin Mary' spotted in cliff face by startled tourist

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    A holidaymaker was stunned when she took a photograph of a craggy coastline and captured this spooky image - of the Virgin Mary.

    The hooded figure is seen holding her arms out-stretched in a cradling action sheltered beneath rocks at Newquay's Western Beach, Cornwall.

    Caroline and Stephen Gray were walking along the coastline on Valentine's Day when they stopped to pose for a series of holiday snaps.

    But Caroline, 38, was speechless when the couple returned home and studied the digital camera to spot a clear image of the Virgin Mary, which she insists was not present when she took the picture.

    And now the receptionist, from Chester, Cheshire, believes the photo could spark a rush of worshippers to flock to the coastal resort to catch a glimpse of the religious icon.

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