Windows 7 Volume-Mixer: DISABLE Line-In on STARTUP


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Apr 8, 2009
Dear community,

i am expierencing some problems with my computers Line-In. I have installed a tv card, where i have to tunnel the output of the tv card to the Line-In of my computer. So far so good.
But now the problem is, the tv-card always produces a disturbing noise when DSCALER (app. I use to watch tv) is not used.
So to say whenever i startup my windows i have to enter the Volume-Mixer dialog and mute the Line-In. The mute isn't saved when i restart my computer, so after restart it is again unmuted.
Is there a solution to automatically mute Line-In whenever i startup Windows?

Here's a picture how i would like to have it:

Thanks in advance
Did you just install the TV card?

What type of out put are you using, ( Notebook speaker or connected to a stereo system. receiver?

Because I couldn't get my TV card to work and didn't get 6.1 channel surround, this is why I removed Windows7 from my HTPC. Is sound working OK in all other programs or just the TV card. What is the manufactures name of the card?

The more information you van give us, the better we can help you out.
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no, i didn't install the tv card. even in the device manager the card appears that no driver is installed. (see image below)
but this is ok so, because the card is very old (analog Pinnacle PCTV pro from year 2000) and i don't expect there exists a driver.
the reason the tv card works despite is, that DSCALER has it's own driver and direct access to the card. so the card works fine (video + sound).
Also there is another side effect after i close DSCALER. The sound of the last channel goes on even if DSCALER is exited. But i think this is due to sloppy sourcecode in DSCALER. Therefore i have to mute the Line-In everytime after watching. (But that is not a problem for me, because i don't wath very often tv on my pc).
It is much more important for me that i don't have to manually mute the Line-In after a system startup, because of the disturbing noise the tv-cards produces. (I also don't wan't to plug the cable on/off when i wan't to watch TV).

in my opinion the problem should not be considered at the view of the tv card. Maybe there is a solution for automatically mute the Line-In so that i have to unmute it whenever i wan't to watch tv (Because this happens less often than starting windows ;) )

Anything else you might wanna know?

i almost forgot... my sound card has an realtec-hd chipset, but this works fine so far. My speaker system is a Logitech 2.1 THX, if someone cares.
Yellow flags in Device manager definitely is a problem.

From what I've read you need a driver for the card, and have you upgraded your Realtek HD audio drivers?

All-in-all, I doubt your "older" TV card is not compatible with Windows7
i know, without a windows driver, i can't use the tv card with other software. but DSCALER don't need a driver.
i don't have updated the realtec drivers. why should i? i currently use the standard driver that comes with the win7 setup and i don't experience problems.

The problem with a windows driver for my card is, that i am using win7 x64, and there even were no vista x64 driver available. why should pinnacle write a driver for such an old card. i can understand that. I think it is not possible for a manufacturer to support all upcoming OS.
OK, the updated Realtek driver is your best bet. I couldn't find information about keeping the sound muted.

However, I came up with several hits relating to Vista 64-bit drivers, even on Pinnacle Systems website.

Vista 64-bit sometimes work with Windows 7.

You'll need to make sure the chipset is correct before downloading. My Goggle search term was analog Pinnacle PCTV pro x64 driver.

You need to be very careful and make sure you create a restore point before installing
Thanks for your help!

I also visited the pinnacle website a few minutes ago. you are right, there are vista x64 drivers, but they don't work for win7. windows don't let me to install it.

i couldn't find some solution for the auto-mute either. but maybe there is a batch command for this? so i can write the command in a *.bat file and place this into the startup folder...
any ideas?
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