W7 Hotkeys

I finally upgraded from windows vista today, and am now missing 2 features I previously enjoyed having. First being win+Tab. That doesn't seem to work for me, yet it seems it should.

The other thing I'm missing is that before I could place my mouse over a window on the taskbar and it would display a small preview of the window.

I don't care if I sound like a retard, lol.... I just want to know if there is a way to get those features again....

The 14 Best Windows 7 Keyboard Shortcuts

The Windows key now performs a wide variety of functions. Here are a handful of the most useful ones:

Win+h - Move current window to full screen
Win+i - Restore current full screen window to normal size or minimize current window if not full screen
Win+Shift+arrow - Move current window to alternate screen
Win+D - Minimize all windows and show the desktop
Win+E - Launch Explorer with Computer as the focus
Win+F - Launch a search window
Win+G - Cycle through gadgets
Win+L - Lock the desktop
Win+M - Minimize the current window
Win+R - Open the Run window
Win+T - Cycle through task bar opening Aero Peek for each running item
Win+U - Open the Ease of Use center
Win+Space - Aero Peek the desktop
Ctrl+Win+Tab - Open persistent task selection window, roll mouse over each icon to preview item and minimize others

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