Windows 7 W7 RC1 Expiration vs. W7 build 7127 Expiration


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It's my understanding that starting March 11th, those who are running W7 RC1 will experience an auto shutdown every 2 hours. Then, in June, the RC1 will lock you out of your system. Even if you buy the retail copy of W7 before June, there is no way to do an in place upgrade, rather, you have to do a clean install of your OS. So, if you have applications, documents, etc on W7 RC 1, you'll have to back them up, wipe your hard drive, install the retail version of W7, then reinstall all your apps/docs. Why doesn't Microsoft just let users who pay for the full version upgrade?

I downloaded W7, build 7127, which, as I understand it, is from the RTM family, rather than the beta testing/RC side. Will this version also begin to self-destruct starting in March (w/2 hour shut downs) and move into complete obliteration in June? If so, will I be able to upgrade using the full retail version? If so, this is a good reason for people to download 7127, as opposed to RC1 7100.
type "winver" in start search. if it say 3-1-2010, then i would bet it will act the same way. with auto shut downs every 2 hours etc etc.... either way it will be on store shelves by the end of October so.....
type "winver" in start search. if it say 3-1-2010, then i would bet it will act the same way. with auto shut downs every 2 hours etc etc.... either way it will be on store shelves by the end of October so.....

Yes, but you missed the second part of my question. Let's say I buy the retail version, and I want to simply upgrade on top of 7127 without doing a clean install. Is that possible? 7127 is from the RTM family, so I'd think an update would be possible, whereas 7100 is from the RC family, and cannot be upgraded.

Basically, I'm trying to avoid putting all my data on 7127, only to have to back it up, wipe the drive, reinstall windows, then reinstall all the data in June (or March) of 2010.
you should not try to upgrade from any of the "interm builds" or the RC. do a clean install to the retail. it's the best possible way. 7127 is still a test build.. even if it is from the rtm branch of win7.
There is indeed a wind down period at the end of the R.C.'s run; if you need more information you can find it posted at the Windows 7 support forum, at The site will also give you all sorts of useful information, such as the “what’s new in the r.c.â€Â￾ feed….or you can also you use as an additional resource
This all comes back to the fact that these are the risks you take when testing BETA/RC/RTM software.. ;) I find a good habit to get into when testing BETA/RC/RTM versions of OS's is to either get an external hard drive, which you can use to store all the personal files you will accumulate over the testing phase. Thus making the transition from BETA/RC/RTM to RETAIL far less painful.. :) OR create a seperate partition which is used ONLY for storage of these personal files.. ;)

That being said, one also has to remember that it is at no time EVER recommended that people use a BETA/RC/RTM version of an OS as their primary OS.. (no matter how stable/solid it may be).. which means one shouldn't even really have any noticeable amount of personal files to worry about while testing..

It still strikes me as funny how many people store all their files on the same partition as their OS.. especially when their running a BETA/RC/RTM version of an OS.. ;) That is a definite NO-NO in my opinion...
windows 7 RC version 6.1 (build 7100)

What do you mean it can't be upgraded?

I decided not to install the w7 beta and was pretty stoked when I found out I could upgrade from vista to w7 RC, as understandably the money I spend on internet connection, on top of the cost for purchasing downloadable programs is somewhat of a nuisance i.e. if I'm going to need to reformat my w7 RC in an effort to continue using w7 as the full version.

I'm thinking if there isn't a little bit of honey being offered to w7 RC users then what is stopping me from going back to a flower to collect my nectar!! What I mean is: If I have to reformat, then I might as well reinstall vista or attempt to get back my xp pro oem and keep my money and spend it on purchasing all the programs I've lost when I had to reformat, as sometimes its not worth the trouble trying to contact the manufacture of the programs you downloaded, locating all the associated emails listing the software purchases and then going through all the drama trying to install them again.

I'm getting dizzy just thinking about it!

If I could upgrade from w7 RC straight to W7 ultimate full version, then I would be a very happy and productive bee!

I'd don't even know what the w7 build 7127 is that you guys are referring to, was there a free w7 RTM download available to everyone or was it one of those privileged things where you needed to be a comp tech or the likes of?

I'm running w7 RC on a HP dv6000 (dv6113tx) laptop pavilion entertainment PC, had 1 GB ram for about 4 months while using it, though just like xp and vista its not enough when you install lots of programs and run lots of them at once. Eventually 1 GB just runs so slow, instead I upgraded to 2GB ram, oh the speed! Except now the computers getting pretty choked full of programs and I just can't afford to buy something better.

I've got norton 360 V3 full edition, converted to the beta 360 v3 for little while, though that was useless and guess either microsoft or norton got something right and the full version has worked like a charm ever since I installed it again. I did notice that the windows firewall appearance changed at some point and doesn't seem to be as functional as what I recall or as norton friendly, though at least it works aye!

My question is are the w7 product keys universal i.e. can I use a w7 beta product key for w7 Rc? and how do you tell the difference if you have to use w7 RC product keys?

See the pictures in the link below, as they relate to my last question and have further comments attached to them.

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