We work in MS Access 2013 database during some months


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Our office department uses it every day. Only some days ago, we got a problem. Database at opening showed us...Unrecognized Database Format 'General.mdb' (Error 3343). We applied Compact&Repair function to Repair Access database, it opened but part of data disappeared. Now we scare to do something more. We are on MS Windows 10 x64.


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I hope for you it must be enough effective next instrument that is called MDB Online Service (as I know it's free)


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A few thoughts on this.
  • If this is really critical you really should be backing it up in case of a situation like this
  • Access is a really bad idea in anything except a very small office and it should be maintained by a an IT group or person otherwise it becomes a shadow IT scenario and when it breaks no one knows how to fix it because it's gotten out of control
  • If the file you are opening is not in fact 'general.mdb' then the problem with with another database linked by the one being opened and unless you repair it trying to repair the one being opened with do nothing
Last point to make is if you try and upload it to the site mentioned by @Legardner I hope you take into consideration any data in the database. Is it customer data, confidental, financial etc. If it is then you could be letting some unknown third party have access to that data. Depending on what it is you could violate privacy or regulations.

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